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CMNM Clothed Male Naked Male
Just when we think we've seen and done it all before, a new kink comes along that gives us such a massive hard-on it changes everything. In CMNM (it stands for Clothed Male/Naked Male) we pick on a straight young man and strip him naked. He then becomes the centre of attention for a randy group of dominant clothed men. They surround the helpless fucker and teach him to submit while they grope his naked body, invade his arse and wank him off. They tease him with invasive sexual questions while fondling and handling his private parts. Either he starts off confident and is rapidly embarrassed and humiliated, or he's frightened and shaking from the start. He's shamefaced and helpless while the pervy clothed letches have their way with him. It's real and incredibly raw. We're proud to bring you a whole website devoted to this hot new fetish CMNM!


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