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Brayden fucks Colt


We're so used to seeing Brayden get fucked - and love every single second of getting fucked - that it's easy to forget this young stud makes a stellar top, as well! Brayden's just one of those guys with such a powerful sex drive he can get in to anything! Brayden deserves to get serviced and pound some ass, really. He's gone out of his way to make for many of our most memorable episodes and has overwhelmed so many of his fellow CF studs with incredible sensations and wild times, it was only right we let Brayden get his body worshipped by Colt, and let him bury his hard dick in Colt's tight ass. Colt was more than happy to oblige with all this, as well. Like Brayden, Colt has a powerful sex drive and whether he's on top or on bottom, he loves to have himself some fun. Mind you, Brayden's hole does get some attention here - when he sits on Colt's face and Colt rims him deep!

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