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Muscle Hypnoslut
I Saw You Looking Rather Like the Stud At the Gym, I Kind of Saw You Looking At Me, but I Couldn't Be Sure.

i Could See the Hints of You Wanting to Know More, Wanting to See Underneath My Coat, so I Invite You Back That Night.

you're Initially Cautious, but as the Muscle Hypnosis Begins You Begin to Lose Control.

applying Oil on My Body Just Further Increases the Hypnosis I Have Over You, If You Comply With My Commands You Will Have a Chance to Feel and Receive Everything!

if I Instruct, You Comply, You Worship, You Sniff and You Lick!

you Never Thought You'd Be Engaging In Such Up Close and Personal Muscle Worship With a Real Man Like Me but It Turns Out It Was Easy for Me to Have My Way, and You Are Rewarded by a Nice Sloppy Hot Load Onto My Shredded Vascular Abs, Which I Stand Up for You to Lick Clean.

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