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Double feature Part 2


Here is a special double feature for your wanking pleasure! These two guys Beau and Chase are undeniably hot and well occasionally hook up with them off camera just for fun. And not every hook up involves a hard-core ass pounding; sometimes we just do everything else on the menu. Hunter and I both enjoy head and rimming with oral is like Christmas to us. Another one of my very favorite things is to watch a guy beat his meat. I mostly fuck guys because thats what they want from me. Dont get me wrong; I love to pop my fat cock in an ass and fuck it till I blast, but Ill choose oral and rimming and all the other hot sexual things life has to offer over anal. That said; I am sharing these two videos featuring everything except anal. Id love to know if you would only prefer videos that include anal, or if youre cool with me mixing it up. Hunter and I value your opinions, so please leave a comment on what you'd like to see more or less of.

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