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Franco begins tickling Korey blindfolded through his socks and underwear with a long, pointy scalp massager. The newly 22-year-old giggles adorably when he's tickled anywhere, but he definitely feels it most in his sensitive feet. Franco tickles Korey's feet relentlessly with a manual toothbrush and a couple of soap savers, pausing only to climb on top of Korey for an even better angle of attack. Korey laughs non-stop, punctuated by gasps for air and the occasional "no, no, NO!" Franco uses a stubby, plastic scalp massager before the socks come off and the next set of brushes come out. First, he tickles Korey between his toes and on his soles with a detangling hairbrush, then he follows with an electric toothbrush. Korey's sweet laughter continues throughout Franco's tickle of his thick, wide feet, and it becomes even higher in pitch as the session continues. After spending lots of time on Korey's feet, Franco finally moves to Korey's torso, tickling him like crazy in his armpits and on his stomach. His bellybutton and inner thighs are equally as ticklish, and Franco has a ball hitting all of Korey's spots. After a final tickle with the electric toothbrush, Franco sets Korey loose to jack himself offthen steals a tickle of his feet once more before overpowering Korey to torture his sensitive cock.


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